The Innovation Crowd is dedicated to helping leaders deliver more value from corporate innovation.

I help innovation leaders unblock progress so they can deliver value to the bottom line, via coaching and consultancy.

In each episode, I interview experts about the ingredients for success and the lessons they had to learn the hard way.

The Innovation Crowd is also a place where you can learn from others about how to beat the odds and innovate faster, cheaper and more successfully.

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9 Dec 2022

The Innovation Crowd with Helen Dawson (Trailer)

This podcast is dedicated to helping leaders deliver more value from corporate innovation. It’s a place…

52 secs

11 Dec 2022

Episode 1 – Creating Scenarios for the Future with Jeff Roberts

Jeff Roberts from Jump Innovation’s Futures team (Dive Without Fear) discusses avoiding linearity and hype cycles.

37 mins

11 Dec 2022

Episode 2 – Life in a Corporate Start-Up with Tim Bennett from Shell TapUp

Tim Bennett joins us to give a flavour of life leading Shell’s mobile refuelling business (TapUp) in the UK

32 mins

11 Dec 2022

Episode 3 – Building Ecosystems and Partnering with Mark Evans-Smith

Mark Evans-Smith of Bear & Brute Consulting joins us to talk about building ecosystems within Rolls…

42 mins

9 Jan 2023

Episode 4 – Innovation’s not a Tech Problem. It’s a People & Culture…

Elizabeth O’Neill joins us to explain why corporate innovation is not a tech problem but a people and…

32 mins

23 Jan 2023

Episode 5 – All Boats Have to Rise, talking collaboration with…

Andrew Webber from tech & innovation company Whitespace pulls on his years of experience…

41 mins

6 Feb 2023

Episode 6 – The Power of The Crowd with Richard Holdsworth

Richard Holdsworth of V-Box joins us to talk about ways in which collaboration across the maritime…

35 mins

20 Feb 2023

Episode 7 – Leading at the Edges with Neel Arya

Neel Arya, founder of Mettle Consulting, and Helen discuss the attributes needed by today’s leaders, operating at the limits of their organisational…

42 mins

6 Mar 2023

Episode 8 – Curiosity & Harvesting Ideas with Nils Jeners

In this episode, Nils Jeners joins Helen to dive into methodology and how to build the skills needed to…

30 mins

20 Mar 2023

Episode 9 – Innovation and the IKEA effect with Warren Minde

In this episode, Helen talks to Warren Minde of Innovation Leap about innovation as a human-centred…

40 mins

15 May 2023

Episode 10 – Customer-led Digital Transformation in…

Group Marketing Director of Specsavers, Carolyn McKeever, join us to talk about: How to transform…

44 mins